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We invented the overlay. Let us show you how to install your white faced gauges in your , F-body: Camaro or Firebird Trans Am without damage, in under 30 minutes.

We have applications for 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990-1992 Trans Am for third generations. We have removable or permanent designs for 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 Camaro SS and Firebird Trans Am. 1987 Trans Am GTA wins best of show, with our very first prototype in 1999.

We have a solution for you. Let us show you how to protect your car from harmful sunlight, which bleaches your factory dials.

Our claims from 1999 are the same today!

MacEwen Motorsports Overlay Kit - Installs in minutes

- No pointer removal

- No special tools needed

- Retains Factory Calibration

- Retains Factory Illumination quality

- Can revert back to stock at time of resale, if desired

Stick with the winner.

Notice to all looking for White Face Gauges:

Our concept of the overlay, was never meant to be reproduced with cheap inkjet sign banner vinyl.

We invented the overlay. The reasons for doing this was to allow you a great way to get white faced (or silver) gauges in your car, without damage or headaches.

Recently, we have been asked by potential, and eventual customers, why our product is priced higher than, say, a $30 kit on ebay? Answer: Their installation kit (extra is a razor blade, a banner glue solution, and a squeegee). Not the way to go! You can spot a cheap kit at a show very easily. Application of this sort WILL harm your factory dials.

Our overlays can be installed temporarily, or permanently. You can have fun with your factory gauges, without damage. Is your car suddenly worth more, unaltered? Our product was designed to be removed, preserving your factory face. The cheaper alternatives are not. We use the same high quality optically clear lexan and high mineral content pigments, the factory uses; in most cases, better.

We DO NOT offer cheap vinyl sign shop banner kits for GREAT reasons. Let it bake in in your car for one summer, you will understand why. Removal without damage to your factory dials is nearly impossible. Try to install one; you likely hope for a smarter solution.

Our name has stood for quality for 13 years.

We hope to serve you too!

Please feel free to email us at or call 716-727-8393, for availability.


Ryan MacEwen Pruyn

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