How many bulbs do I need for my cluster?

How many bulbs do I need for my cluster?
Bulbs are NOT required to enjoy the benefits of our overlay kits.

We have calibrated our overlays to precisely utilize your factory illumination, and bulbs.

However, we have had many requests from customers who desired to change their instruments illumination color to match other devices in there vehicle (radio, Auto Meter gauges, cell phone, etc.)

We have picked the best products for altering your illumination color and brought them to you.

Below is an application guide for determining how many bulbs your cluster requires for altering dial color or brightness.

Year Model Vehicle

Number of Bulbs

Instrument Cluster Dial Illumination

Can Illumination Color Be Changed?
1982-1985 Firebird 11 YES - Blue, Amber,
1986-1992 Firebird 9 YES - Blue, Green, Amber, Red, White
1993-2002 Firebird 5 NO - (You can use brighter bulbs, but, red remains)
1982-1989 Camaro 11 YES - Blue, White, Amber
1990-1992 Camaro 4 YES - Blue (LED), Green, Red, Amber
1993-1996 Camaro 7 YES - Blue, Green, Red, Amber
1997-2002 Camaro 5 YES - Blue, Green, Red, Amber

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