1989 Turbo Trans Am, White Face Gauge Overlay kit - CUT

1989 Turbo Trans Am, White Face Gauge Overlay kit - CUT
Item# PF3TTA-C

Product Description

1989 Turbo Trans Am, White Face overlay kit. Fits 140 mphs 3.8L Turbo V6 only. CUT (volt/fuel, and oil/temp gauges).

This version installs without removal of needles on any gauge. One the volt/fuel, and oil/temp gauges, there is a hairline horizontal seam. This allows for installation without needle removal on these right two gauges (where needles point in opposite directions). Speedometer and tach/boost gauges have no seams at all.

Installing these overlays will actually preserve your OEM dials. The red and yellow pigments used in your OEM dials can fade with exposure to UV light. The design of our kits ensures you can have fun with appearance, AND preserve it for generations to come.


CUT Version Picture - Horizontal Seam
The right two gauge overlays are cut horizontally as seen in this picture.

This is because on the right two gauges Volt/Gas, Oil/Temp gauges the needles point in opposite directions. By default these right two overlays are cut. They slide over the top and bottom pointers respectively and are butted together in the center, producing a hairline seam. This makes for an extremely easy installation.

If the seam is not desirable, order the UNCUT version of this kit. If UNCUT is ordered, one of each pair of needles, mut be removed and recalibrated to install each overlay as once piece (UNCUT).
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