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Qwik Stick Shifter Shaft
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Product Description

Qwik Stick Shifter Shaft
Introducing the Qwik Stick.

This shaft transforms your mushy factory shifter into a solid crisp unit.

This shifter rod is designed for the 1993-2002 V8 F-bodies equipped with the T-56 6 speed transmission.

The Qwik Stick is 2 inches shorter than the stock shifter. It is 6 1/2" long, made of chrome moly steel.

The Qwik Stick eliminates the rubber isolator found on the stock units. This makes for effortless shifting, and is much more precise and crisp. Missing the 2nd-3rd shift is virtually eliminated.

Many aftermarket shifters are $150-$200. The Qwik Stick retails for $39.95. You get nearly the same performance of an aftermarket shifter for about a fourth of the cost with the Qwik Stick.

Includes mounting bolts, and lock washers. This product retains your factory shifter knob, boot, and installs without modification.

Installation is a breeze. Put down that tube of RTV, and grab one today.

Typical installation time is 25 minutes. No RTV required. Loc-tite or similar thread locking compound is recommended.


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