Super Bright LEDs

Super Bright LEDs
NEW! Ultra Bright, Low Current! Colored LEDs.

These new products will replace existing bulbs without modification. Just drop them in place. They draw only a fraction of the power your current bulbs do. They generate no heat, and have lifespan TEN TIMES normal bulbs. Imagine your whole vehicle lighting drawing 20 Amps less than stock. Thats more power for other things, ignition, stereo, whatever!

(Shown at left are 4 Point LED's. They have a brighter illumination, but a narrower angle of light projection).

These LEDs are made for a 12V DC system. You can wire them anywhere there is 12V DC; Cars or Trucks. They are far more durable than filament lights, as they endure vibration, and shock.

Available in White, Blue, Red, Amber, and Green.

Single point LED's project a 80 degree cone of light.

Four point LED's project a 20 degree brighter cone of light.

NOTE: LED's DO NOT broadcast as wide an area of light as standard bulbs. They may not be desirable in some assemblies. LED's are brightest when looking straight at them from their top, and tend to not disperse light as evenly as bulbs do. They do have very intense color, and brightness.

We no longer stock LED's.

A great source for LED's online is :

A note on using LED's. LED's which are colored, do not produce some colors. Bulbs produce all colors (white light). Colored bulbs have filters (tint) to reduce the output of unwanted colors.

You may notice a blue LED barely illuminating red portions (redline, etc) instruments. However, with a blue bulb, red areas do illuminate. This is because blue LED's do not produce any red light, but the blue bulb does. Therefore, it is generally better to stick with bulbs in most situations.

-Ryan MacEwen

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