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Super Sucker Ram Air Scoop for LS1 Camaro 1998-2002
Super Sucker Ram Air Scoop for LS1 Camaro 1998-2002
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Super Sucker Ram Air Scoop for LS1 Camaro 1998-2002

Austin Performance is pleased to announce a new cold air induction system called the Super Sucker Ram Air. The SSRA kit was designed to pick up where the competition left off for 1998-2002 F-bodies. The major difference between the competition and the SSRA kit is that the Super Sucker Ram Air actually scoops in air. It is a two piece kit, with a lower piece sliding into the upper, which attaches under the nose. This scoop is about 2 inches tall and 15 inches wide. This becomes a continuous box(scoop) all the way up to the base of the air filter. Another major difference is the SSRA is made of black ABS plastic. This matches the OEM appearance of the car and looks great. Since the SSRA is plastic it won't heat soak like steel. This will help your car run cooler. Speaking of running hot. One of our competitors has a problem with their cold air induction kits making cars run hotter. If a car runs to hot it loses horsepower. To avoid this problem, beginning at the top near the air filter, the Super Sucker Ram Air angles away from the radiator, unlike the competition. This allows cool air to circulate through the radiator. For those of you who want to seal off your airbox to achieve a supercharging effect, the SSRA is designed to allow you to do this. Included all necessary materials for sealing and blocking off the SSRA. Best of all the SSRA makes power. A blower fan was placed in front of the nose of the car to simulate airstream. The airstream velocity was measured at 60mph with an anemometer at 10 feet away. On a Dynojet a stock 2002SS Camaro picked up approximately 13rwhp over stock. The SSRA is a quick, easy way to gain horsepower. -Austin Performance Press Release.


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